1. Hazell's Song

From the recording Songs from "The Scrolls of Nef"

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from the novel "Scrolls of Nef" by Gary Glickman. Music by The Dream Brothers


Brothers and sisters of times to come!
(Greetings from one Hazell, a scribe and dream reader of Nef!)
has this somehow reached you?
if so, send word back quick, and tell us what is true.
but speak not first of your woes, of complaint and regret.
Tell us first of your joys,
that we may be reminded of what is sweet and old,
as well as what is new.
Is war no more? Have you answered the old question?
If not, tell us first where first you look, when your eyes seek beauty—
Remind us of the light at dawn, flame at the tips of the trees,
and the flush of sunset against the cliffs;
The yawning stretch of a cat,
the joyous bark of a dog, as you return home;
Ripe figs split open by a tender hand;
Cool breeze on the hottest day,
A kiss for reunion;
the sparks of bonfire at the beach, your lover’s face, sleeping safe,
the quiet kissing waves of a giant sea;
salt-spray before a storm,
and many things even I
cannot guess or name—
Oh, Describe them for us first,
that we who are your ancestors may sigh, and remember again,
and rejoice in some of what is new, and what is still the same.

Do the stars still dazzle every night?
Do the dolphins fill the bay?
Oh, tell me yes, and yes!
Make my heart glad with what you say,
And i shall tell you of my love—though not my lover’s name.
Because some secrets will not be told, that they may stay among us, safe.
And i will sing in the stadium, and bask in the fame,
But take home to my lover the best of all bouquets that are thrown—
They are meant more for my secret love,
than ever they were meant for me.
You too have wizards among you, I dare say,
Though perhaps, to you, they are unknown:
Unless, like me, you are blessed with such a love as mine,
and live in some simple place by the sea,
and sail alone to the city, and then quick home to your own love,
who teaches in the sweetest way,
how to read a dream,
and look at stars,
and eyes, and clouds, and trees, until you see;
And how to sing a song that echoes far,
—as i have learned to sing to you—
even, perhaps, ‘till yours reaches me.