From the recording Songs from "The Scrolls of Nef"

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from the novel "The Scrolls of Nef" by Gary Glickman. Music by The Dream Brothers.


I Lived at the Beach, in a narrow little room.
If you leaned way out you could see blue water, and the palm trees.
I lived by myself, with a dog and a cat,
And occasionally someone else.
I would walk on the beach with my dog sometimes,
And wait for the sunset moment:
In the summer when it came,
there were lovers on the sand,
And they sat looking out with a glow on their faces.
And the night when it fell was a quick few hours.
In the winter when it came it was just us two,
Or me by myself, when the dog grew old and tired.
And the night when it fell was a long cold spell,
And a long, long stretch of hours.
Out of my window, sometimes I heard
A voice so beautiful, it sounded like a bird,
Singing of love!