From the recording Songs from "The Scrolls of Nef"

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from the novel "The Scrolls of Nef" by Gary Glickman. Music by The Dream Brothers.


Look at the clouds there in the evening sky
They remind me of something—what can that be?
And look at those colors
Have you ever seen so deep a blue, pink, yellow, and look—
How about that green?
When I am with you—standing and watching the sunset,
for example—
The night can come, and I care not if it does.
And all the clouds can darken into stars,
for example,
And each of our regrets that ever was, for example.
The night can come,
And that’s all right because when I am with you—
When I am with you,
The clouds are spirits reaching up
To touch the highest place in heaven.
When I am with you,
The colors spill down from the sky,
They paint the waves,
I don’t know why I never saw these things before with colors.
And if there’s nothing more,
When I am with you, that’ll be all right—
Those colors—with me.