1. We Are Love

From the recording Songs from "The Scrolls of Nef"

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from the novel, "The Scrolls of Nef" by Gary Glickman. Lyrics by Gary Glickman, sung & produced by Stephan David Hewitt.


What I want to say
Cannot be said the way
Most people talk today.
What I want to say is what I knew long ago
But somehow got distracted so
Forgot I knew,
That's not to say I ever didn't know
That love is simple
And love is good
and we are love.

There, now I've dared to write it down
Now do I dare to sing it?
If I wing it, will you wing it, too?
I'd like to try the song with you.
Oh, and joy is simple
And we are joy.
And love is good.
And we are love!